In case I die

Thoughts about death for the people that care for me.

These are just a couple of words I want to share in case I die of a sudden death. I am healthy and would love to keep enjoying life for more years. However, accidents happen, and the last adventure could be around the corner.

This is addressed to the important people in my life, as well as anyone who cares about me.

A bit about my life

I want to express how grateful I am for the life I have lived. I feel lucky to have been born in a developed country, an experience not everyone in this world can relate to.

Not only that, I am also grateful for all the moments I lived in my years of growth (the good and the bad ones). They all made me become more aware of who I am.

Sunset from Phra nang Cave Beach, Thailand

Sunset from Phra nang Cave Beach, Thailand

I have also been able to live a digital nomad life for the last few years, which has brought me so much fun and adventures while getting to know amazing people from all over the world.

At some point, I felt a form of fullness in life, not that I had found a purpose or meaning, but that I found a way of living I truly enjoyed and wanted to keep living.

Actually, the facts above and other thoughts were the precursors to my How to Live project. Although my opinion on a few of the subjects mentioned there have changed, the fundamentals and purpose remain the same

Before moving to other topics, regarding the meaning of life, here is an article I recently read whose point of view I agree with the most. Hope you find it helpful.

How I would like to die

This may be the best opportunity I have to address this subject, so let’s go.

One of my favorite movies is Big Fish, and definitely the part I like the most about it is the ending. When he arrives at the river and everyone is there, joyful to celebrate his farewell and see him again one last time.

Sunset in the Trajineras from CDMX, Mexico

Sunset in the Trajineras from CDMX, Mexico

If I could choose how to leave the world, it would be in the same way. I would reunite all the people I interacted with in my life, to a greater or lesser extent. Making a big feast party, like in every post arc from One Piece, to exchange the last good moments.

And then, there is the question of what to do with my body. As of today, I don’t really care what happens to it, as I will not be able to care for anything when dead.

I think that being properly preserved and then awakened in the far future would be awesome, although I believe it will not be available in my lifetime. I would be pleased to behold how incredible the future world is going to be with all the technological advances.

My feelings regarding death

I don’t have bad feelings or worry about ceasing to exist. As I agree with several theories which express that life has no meaning, and we have to look at the positive side of it.

Like my good friend Mario said:

As long as it is a non-painful death, I am not worried.

Since I will no longer exist, I will not be able to experience suffering. The ones that will suffer will be my relatives and close friends. I hope that knowing that I am not worried about dying helps them with the situation.

Sunset in Canggu, Bali, Indonesia

Sunset in Canggu, Bali, Indonesia

The purpose behind this article

This lecture’s intention is to share my thoughts and feelings about death. Which, in consequence, I hope will help anyone who cares about me, overcome the fact that I am no longer here.

I want you to know that it’s fine that I am no longer here.

If you are reading this and got to meet me, I want you to know that it was wonderful to have the chance to get to know you. I am sure we spent great times together. Thank you so much for them.

Sunset in Nine Coliving, Spain

Sunset in Nine Coliving, Spain


I could make such a long list mentioning people and moments here (I feel very fortunate about this fact). However, the ones that know me well also know that I am grateful to them, as I have expressed on so many occasions.

However, I have to mention I am grateful to my friend John and his article which inspired me to make my own. I guess without him, the chances of me writing this would have been really, really low.

And finally, something inside me tells me to say thanks to my mom, for everything she has done in my life. She has always been there and has given me and others more than anyone should.

By the way, the code from this website is open-sourced on GitHub. Feel free to use it and renew the domain when it expires if I am not here to do so. I grant anyone with the intention to do so full permission.

Sunset in Lisbon, Portugal

Sunset in Lisbon, Portugal

The pictures in the article are just some of the sunsets from last year. The cover one is the “Cala Cantalar”, probably my favorite spot in my hometown. I enjoyed wonderful moments with wonderful people there.


Thanks for reading ❤️

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